Treasure Hunts

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The Fair is here! An assortment of Treasure Hunts will be made available on this site, with even more posted throughout the month. Today we have our first hunt available and should have many more up this weekend!

If you register with us, you will be the first to know when each becomes available.  Plus, you will be able to print these out before heading over to The Fair, or you can simply login with your phone and play electronically!  (Physical copies will be available at Information Booths on the fairgrounds daily as well).

If you're playing online with your phone, feel free to leave the hunt incomplete and come back to it later.  Skip whatever questions you need to, and click finish when you're done.  You can leave multiple treasure hunts in progress - just click on the links under Active Hunts to the right (it will appear after you've started your first treasure hunt) to get back to them later.


Types of Hunts

Facts and Phrases will have you solving riddles and answering questions with short answers and multiple choice questions.

Photo Finds are lists of clues that will lead you to all over The Fair.  Once you find the answer, take a picture with your camera or phone and you'll earn prizes while capturing some wonderful memories!

Follow Freebies are riddles and clues that are sent out through Twitter and facebook.  If you're the first person to find the appropriate Escape Hatch and scan the QR code with your phone, the online hatch will open!  These hatches are only open for a limited time, though, so if it's closed then you may be at the wrong hatch.